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Want to become an IX-Denver member?


IX-Denver does not require a contract to join - service is month-to-month - just email us today:

Here's what you need to know:

  • Membership Costs​
    • ​Directly connected members $0/nrc, $200/mrc per 1g or 10gbit port or $2400/yr
    • Extension Switch Operators $0/nrc, $200/mrc per 1g or 10gbit port or $2400/yr
    • Remote members (via Extension Switch Operator) $0/nrc, $120/yr
  • Our core location is in a neutral meet-me-room on the third floor suite #350 at 910 15th Street, Denver, Colorado
  • Membership is open to any and all networks with a public ASN
  • Direct membership includes one 1g or one 10g port on the exchange
  • Direct 1g to 10g connectivity is available via PacketFabric
  • IX-Denver welcomes Extension Switch Operators (ESO), Extension Switch Operators are required to perform similar layer 2 filtering, security, and safety mechanisms as the core fabric.  Please contact us if you wish to become an ESO for IX-Denver.
  • Remote members connected via an ESO must agree upon edge port speeds, any additional costs, and/or any additional requirements by the ESO, with the ESO. IX-Denver is not involved in these 'last mile' agreements between ESO and remote member.
  • IX-Denver currently has extension switch connectivity available at the following sites:​
    • ​511 11th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55415 - Operated by MNVoIP
    • 713 E Church Belle Plaine, Belle Plaine, MN 56011 - Operated by Neutral Path Communications
    • 1623 Farnam St, Ohmaha, NE 68102 - Operated by Neutral Path Communications

    A few technical details:

    • 1310NM optics are used by default (eg. 10GBASE-LR, 1000BASE-LX), 1550nm optics can be made available if the member network provides the 1550nm optic that functions in a Juniper switch for the IX-Denver side of the connection.
    • If IX-Denver receives a BPDU, the offending network's port will be shutdown for 5 minutes
    • Directly connected members can recieve a trunk or an access port
    • Trunk port specifics:
      • One MAC address is permited to be recieved by IX-Denver per VLAN
      • MAC addresses of the connecting network's port(s) must be provided to IX-Denver before acceptance
    • ​Access port specifics:
      • ​Access ports are only available to connect to the public peering VLAN
      • If IX-Denver receives more than one MAC address, the offending network's port will be shutdown for 3 minutes
    • Full technical details are available here.

    For any other questions, please contact us!